the story of us

David is the super-smart and insanely handsome head of our home. He works so hard every day, so I can work from home with our kiddos, and he loves being a daddy. He is my amazing husband and boyfriend of 24 years. Can you tell I like the guy?

I'm the momma of this family of four. I'm usually happy, always thankful, and in perpetual need of a nap...and a maid. I love watching my children grow and love teaching them every day.

Our darling Birdie August. How could I ever fully explain how much we love this little one? She is so much fun and so loving and brings so much incredible joy to our lives. She is such a wonderful big sister.

 Our last baby: Winston Valor. This little man brings us so much joy. He is so fun and funny and happy and loving. We adore him.