Wednesday, March 30, 2016

I feel like I'm taking crazy pills.

Sorry for no pictures or posts lately. I have 1.7 billion to organize, edit, and post. However, I'm currently looking at two sort-of-working laptops, three maybe-will-work-today hard drives, three full photo cards with nowhere to upload the photos to, and about 12 days--seriously--left on my upload to Dropbox and Amazon Cloud to save everything. Here are the current 10-ish simultaneous things happening in my life right now and since my last post:

1. bluebonnets are here; second busiest time of year for business
2. senior portraits are happening simultaneously
3. clean house/showroom for gallery views and client pre-consultations
4. all newborn clients decide to be born at the same time
5. go to a birthday party

1. paint Birdie's room--because why wouldn't you start a huge house project with a domino-effect for all beds in the house??
2. put up new bed in Winston's room 
3. clean the rest of the house that the kids trashed during the 4 HOURS it took to install new bed

1. hard drive crash
2. client calls and--of course--wants images immediately that are 13+ months old and only saved on broken hard drive
3. pay to recover hard drive; wait 15 hours for recovery to finish
4. figure out where to save partially recovered data
5. client won't call back
6. clean house and go to a birthday party

1. unpack from New Braunfels trip and re-pack for trip to LA to store bed which now can't be stored so is now in the garage
2. don't let kids play in the garage anymore for fear they'll become human pancakes from said bed
3. attempt to sell bed; post online in various groups with no luck; seriously consider putting it up and moving into what would now be referred to as "Andrea's happy--and leave me alone--place" in the garage
4. 30-minute shortcut road to LA opens one week post-trip
5. dispute fee for bed-moving truck that was never used
6. unpack; clean house
7. make and send invites for Winston's birthday party

1. blinking/creaking/crying laptop gives me warning signals it will break immediately
2. unexpected very, very expensive laptop purchase, but "it's the best on the market for working with Photoshop"
3. assign darling husband task of setting up new computer
4. he attempts to ask me one million questions

***Dude, pretend I'm some VIP/celebrity and just make it happen. You think the president has to answer these nit picky questions? I want it to show up in my hands working perfectly and immediately and exactly like my last one. I don't think that's asking too much, darling.

5. Photoshop and photo lab ordering systems will not work with this model without upgrading to the monthly service and new monthly payment. That's called "being-a-princess karma."

2. tax headache
3. -40% later...why do I have a small business again?

1. credit card is hacked
2. spend the hours going through every automated bill and updating them
3. forget about the one for the internet; attempt to get internet re-started and fixed while trying to upload broken hard drive files

1. new computer monitor needs calibrating
2. buy new calibration system and wait for it to come in the mail with new test prints
3. waste a night yelling at computer

1. first baby is sick over Spring Break
2. after break, second baby is sick with our third round of stomach grossness
3. school calls; guess who else is sick...again?
4. decontaminate and sterilize entire house
5. cancel plans to go to a birthday party
6. assign husband task of researching new washer and dryer because the crazy cleaning woman broke both with the massive amounts of vomit laundry she asked it to clean this calendar year (for reals, I had to use the clothes line outside this week)

Next week: 
1. host meetup event for local photographers--clean house
2. shoot business video that's been rescheduled 3 times; remember to smile and possibly brush hair
3. prep for Winston's 5th birthday party (remain in denial about him turning 5)
4. kindergarten registration and shots for Winston (try not to cry...for both of us)
5. buy laundry detergent

Ok, we took a walk in the rain to chill us (ME) out. I'll be back to my Pollyanna self tomorrow--as long as Photoshop is finally working...and I don't have to see or smell any puke or poo after 10pm tonight. Cheers.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Workin' on our night moves.

These kids are always up for a little night swimming.

Coincidentally, Winston officially learned how to swim the next day.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Hey, little momma. Why you dance so funky?

I'm in the business of convincing mommas to take pics with their kiddos, so I thought I should post some of my own. 
I hope my little ones will always remember our afternoon dance parties and our homemade knock-knock jokes at dinner--and, of course, how smitten I am with them.



Thursday, March 3, 2016

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

hold the phone, three years later

Here's an updated picture: 3 years later from one of my favorite pics of them together.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Downtown Ewok Brown

Gone are the days of Why Rhygee. These are the days of The Force.
Here are a few before pics of his little guy room.

Winston was very excited to help with the room redo.

I found this cool W in Old Town Spring and rewired it for him to use as a night light.

Here's the finished product. We're calling this color "Ewok Brown." He picked it. He originally wanted it true black, but he picked the one with a little tint of brown in it. I dig it.
How big does he look here??
And here's the final push over into "big boy" world: an alarm clock. Yes, of course it's set to military time. Have you forgotten who his nerdy parents are??