Saturday, November 14, 2015

spread your wings

We went to the Houston Arboretum last weekend. The weather was perfect. The mosquitoes were apocalyptic. 
We survived, but Birdie had one mishap.
M: Birdie, what's wrong? You look a little freaked out. 
B: A bumblebee just licked my arm. What do I do??

Oh, this man of mine. I'm twitterpated.

Whew. This boy has my heart. 

Ready for some super cool nerdiness? We saw this butterfly in the flowers, and the kids asked for a picture. When I was going through the pictures later, I noticed it was tagged. I zoomed in and it had an email address and phone number. I called it and the recording asked for an email with all of the information. This little dude was released at Kansas University and is probably on his way to Mexico. Pretty cool, huh?