Friday, November 6, 2015


I thought I would do a little post of mom and dad pics. You know, before we get too old and crusty and my rumples get too out of control.

Yes, I can hear you asking your screens, "But, wait. What are rumples?"

So glad you asked.

When my darling daughter was three and exploring my face--as you do--she was asking about all of my topography, if you will.

Sidenote, the kids have an ongoing bit about my rather exaggerated cleft chin and large-ish mole on it. The current story is that sometimes my booty chin (cleft, obviously) likes to sit on the toilet and read a newspaper and the mole is wearing a monocle in order to read the paper. Ah, the grace and loveliness of motherhood and the love of potty humor by children....

Anyhow, she was asking about my forehead and came up with this.

To get the full effect, it helps if you imagine a three-year-old sassy blondie waving a hand around over my forehead saying, after my explanation of pimples and wrinkles, "Yeah. I think I'm just going to call 'that whole thing' rumples."

I'm realizing I've never wanted to quote Rodney Dangerfield until just now.