Sunday, October 25, 2015

sunshine on a cloudy day

Thanks for the sweet shot of me and my girl, Grandma. 

Friday, October 23, 2015

It's a bit of a fixer upper.

Have you ever walked into a room that's so messy and uninspiring that instead of cleaning it, you spend a weekend repainting and reorganizing? No? Just me? Fine. The cheese stands alone.

I love Winston's room that we recently redecorated (I'll post later). 1. He loves it, and 2. It takes about 6 1/2 minutes to clean from top to bottom.

I recently went to the playroom to clean it, and I turned around and walked away (and probably rewarded myself with fresh coffee for even considering going in there). I couldn't take it anymore. I didn't have the mental energy to even straighten it for the "before" pic, for cryin' out loud. Here's what it looked like this summer:

Over the years, it has served many purposes.
Pre-school classroom.

Business sample walls.


Baby lounge with indoor jungle gym, of course.

Dance hall.

Baby playground.

Library and sewing station and holder of cute babies.

Whew. We use it a lot, but I could never keep it tidy. So, it needed an overhaul. 
If you're looking for a playroom makeover tutorial, here goes: 
Step one. Push all furniture and gibberish to the center of the room. Step two. Let kids jump on furniture.

Next: Pick your color and then remember you are super cheap when it comes to DIY projects and also remember that you have an excess of black and white and cream paint taking up space in the garage. Mix your own colors for free, and reduce and re-use. (Then take a break to reward yourself for going green and spend the saved money shoe shopping.)

Little tip from me to you? Make sure you mix enough of your homemade concoction to prevent running out and not having enough to finish the job and then having to start over from scratch and going into debt from using additional money for store-bought paint because you no longer have the first money because you blew it on shoes. Which are fabulous, by the way.

Ask me how I know about this very special paint rule.

So, this is pretty darn close to what I wanted, and it was available at 1am when I wanted to/had time to paint, so I pressed on.

Next step: Paint your base coat and tape your stripes. Please ensure you have proper access to Netflix so you can binge watch your favorite show whilst taping into the wee hours of the night, morning, and following day.

Next step: Find $1200 shelves you'd kill for from Restoration Hardware
Stop drooling and decide it's probably not a great idea to spend that much money on shelves you could potentially make for yourself for less with your cutie-pie-handyman husband's help.

Next: Send said handyman to Home Depot. He'll know what to do.

Next: Measure, try not to argue, measure, just give up and go ahead and give the rest of the house to the children so they'll leave you alone for 30 minutes (throw in the vehicles, if necessary), use power tools, paint the pipes white, have a cucumber martini, and--voila--there you have it! Your very own open shelves. 
Watch out, Chip and Jo-Jo.

And here's the final product with lots of art projects and tons of faw-faw (please see Uncle T for correct spelling and definition). 

I picked up three new pieces of furniture from The Happy Peddler in Old Town Spring, and the kids shove all their toys in those and a few rando toy bins I have throughout the room.


Super splurge for the room? New shutters! We didn't make them, but we did install them ourselves.

I should time myself, but I'm pretty sure I can clean this room in 4 minutes or less. Success!

Monday, October 19, 2015


We have some pretty big news over at the Bacle household. We have a pet. 
Well, we have our second pet. 
We have a fish. Well, we have our second fish. 
Our first little friend, Beatty, didn't survive the first water change or even long enough for a picture. That was a pretty sad day, and poor Winston still talks about him: "I sure miss Beatty. He was a good fish."
However, at the end of this summer, we tried again with a new beta fish and came home with Speedy. So far, he's doing great, and has a cute personality--you know, as far as fish go.
I asked Winston if he would get in a picture with Speedy, and he ran and got his little shark hat to try to make him smile for the camera. :)

Sunday, October 18, 2015

number one spot

Did you know our gal is in first grade this year? She loves her teacher and her class and her school. She's a great reader and loves art and math. 
And nope, your eyes are not deceiving you. She does look 6 feet tall.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

This cucumber, flawless. My garden, flawless.

My veggies woke up like this.
So, you remember Birdie's "what do you want to be when you grow up?" shoot from this summer? Here are the cucumbers that came in practically overnight after we took those shots. We have really learned to love growing veggies in the backyard.

Birdie picked and Winston prepared. Winston has really taken an interest in cooking and helps me make dinners most nights now.

The kids spent the rest of July giving away our massive amounts of tasty cucumbers while I drank cucumber martinis at sunset.