Tuesday, August 25, 2015

like a band of gypsies we go down the highway

Here we are on the road again. Did I mention I was gonna be at the beach all year? 
I wasn't kidding. The next few posts are from our Spring Break Florida trip I never posted. 

I wanted to document more than just our typical beach shots, so I tried to take several to show our journey there. This is the kind of stuff I have in my pictures gallery when I get my phone back from the kids. She likes to take pictures of her various acting bits.

Where are my Texas peeps? I'm sure you recognize this little beaver. 
Classic Texas road trip rest stop.

We treated the kids to their first-ever beignets outside of Baton Rouge. Classic Louisiana road trip treats. This has since become a tradition on the I-10/12 stretch for us.

What do I do to entertain myself on the drive? Pictures, of course. 
Meanwhile, B was snapping pics of me.

Daddy Driver

Since my poor son can't stand to ride in the car for long, our tradition has become stopping halfway there near Baton Rouge and checking out a new hotel. This was their first indoor pool, so they were pretty jazzed up.