Thursday, July 2, 2015

puttin' 5 carrots in my baby girl's hand

All year long, I've been collecting little things from Birdie's school--drawings, photos, notes from school, etc.--to make a kindergarten book for her. I'm giving myself until the end of July to finally put it all together and send it off to print. I tried to include little notes here and there about things she's interested in, the clothes she likes to wear, the phrases she says, and so on. So, I asked her at one point about what she wanted to be when she grew up. 
Winston was sweet enough to loan her his boots and shirt, and we ordered these cute overalls. 
We waited until we had a few plants growing in our real, live garden (which she's helped maintain), ran to the store for carrots (because, yeah, right--let's get real, people. You think we'll ever be pulling something like this out of our garden?!), put on some makeup (after a small amount of begging), and snapped some pics.  

Yep. Those are re-purposed crib rails.

The carrot part was inspired by a picture of me at age 3 holding carrots in the garden (on the hunt for it....), but her favorite veggie really is carrots, so she started eating the props in the middle of the shoot.

This just might be the prettiest girl on the planet.