Wednesday, July 1, 2015

And, yes, I will be present on the last day of school.

Well, friends, we have a first grader on our hands! Birdie completed her first year in school with flying colors. She loved it, but she has a little trepidation about first grade. She's worried she's going to get an F, because she's heard that's when you get real grades. 

Here she is getting her certificate of completion from her sweet teacher. She and Birdie had a little moment there, because she had finally taught her teacher how to pronounce "Bacle." It's bay-cle, not bah-cle or baa-cle, in case you are interested. What do you think, Big D? Mind if we just go ahead and change the spelling? 

And this special group? These are the recipients of the Citizenship Award! Our sweet girl received special recognition for being a hard worker and having a good attitude. We are so proud. 

We wanted to end the year with a similar picture from her first day of school, so she decided to wear her same outfit and hold her certificate with its special citizenship seal.

Birdie and Mrs. Willett: