Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Happy Easter Birthday, part 2

Winston is my easy baby--always has been. For his birthday, he asked to have it at Aunt B and Uncle T's house with his grandparents and cousins there. He wanted a cake, a pinata, and a silly string fight. End. 
He went back and forth on having me make cupcakes vs. store bought and then finally decided on this Happy Easter cake with superhero candles. What a groovy kid we have.

Poor Iron Man was decapitated after one swing.

Cousin Big G finished him off for us.

It's all fun and games til ya get silly string down the hatch.

A little zip lining...

...and present opening, and Birthday #4 is in the books. Thanks for our wonderful family for making Winston's birthday exactly what he wanted. He's so proud to be 4.