Thursday, January 8, 2015

pretty paper, pretty ribbons

Christmas morning!


My primary goal with the kids this year is to do a lot more giving and community service activities. So, at the end of the year, I found out we have a family at our school who needed help with Christmas presents for their little girl. I asked Birdie if she'd be willing to sacrifice one of her three gifts so we could buy a lot of stuff for this little girl who may not even have a Christmas tree. She said she would give up the trampoline (which she had asked for) in order to give her a great Christmas. Daddy said he still wanted to get it for the kids, so on Christmas morning, we showed her the box.
Daddy: Do you know what's in that box?
Birdie: No.
Daddy: Take a wild guess.
Birdie: A cheetah?
After lots of laughter, because that was the best wild guess ever, 
Momma: Try reading it.
Birdie: A trampoline?!
We've only had two days warm and dry enough to jump, but they love it. We've already had two visits to the chiropractor for Birdie and lots of potty trips for Momma--the trampoline was clearly not invented by a mother who has delivered two babies.
Hope you had a Merry Christmas!