Thursday, November 6, 2014

my eyes beheld an eerie sight

Birdie planned on being a snowflake for Halloween for many months prior. This is what she came up with as her costume. She was doing all of these crazy poses when I was taking pictures.
"This is what their reaction will be when they open the door and see a snowflake."

"This is how I'll catch the candy they throw."

"This is how surprised I'll be when I catch candy."

I could be biased, but I think she's the only person who can pull off creepy-pretty.
Now, little dude on the other hand...he changed his costume plans by the hour leading up to tricking and treating.
He settled on this GI Joe costume we found at the thrift store that morning.

Here's my trick-or-treat outfit. Silver hair pom-poms and feather eyelashes. That's about all the effort I could muster--it's my crazy time of year for work. I kept asking for coffee at all the houses, but all they had was chocolate. Boo.
In the end, we stayed out for about 45 minutes before they both said the were done. You surprised?