Thursday, October 16, 2014

So many activities. My head is spinning from all the activities....

Here are some of our favorite activities from our vacay to Lost Pines. 
First, the food. Birdie was hilarious. I guess we've never taken her to a buffet before, because after we were seated in the dining area and we went to go get our plates, she stopped, put her hands in the air and said:
So, wait a second. You can just go up there and get anything you want?! This is AWESOME!
The dessert buffet:

She was a fan.

This was for a movie on the lawn with smores. 
I mean, c'mon. 
You know I have to show documentation of these things so future Momma can show future whiny, teenage Bacle children that life isn't so bad.

Light saber fight at sunset. Tops.

On the last day, Winston was finally brave enough to go down the slide by himself.