Thursday, September 11, 2014

What does Winston do all day?

(One of our favorite Richard Scarry books is What Do People Do All Day?)

I knew the best part about Birdie starting school would be the one-on-one time I'd finally get to have with Winston, but I didn't know I would really love it this much. We are having a blast and became instant best friends: 

After we dropped Birdie off the first morning of school, we walked into the house and he turned around and looked at me with his hands up and said: So, do you wanna sword fight first, or what?
BTW, I am getting ready for the Olympic Trials for light saber fighting, because even Luke Skywalker hasn't put in this many hours.

Here's a little sampling of our days:
Super double bonus? We get to go have lunch with Birdie as often as we want.:)