Thursday, August 28, 2014

Happy anniversary!

I change out the pictures in our house all the time, especially what's on the fridge. I was in the kitchen the other day thinking about our upcoming anniversary dinner, and I realized that I had put these two pictures side by side, without even thinking about it. 15 years? When I hear of people who have been married for 15 years, I think: Wow. 15 years. They must be old. Oh, wait....

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

k is for kindergarten

Last Christmas, my non-sleeper asked for a few more minutes of sleep when I went to wake her up to open presents. The first day of school? Ding! Eyes open the second I whispered, "Good morning, my school girl." She was so excited.


We went to her classroom, and she found her little nametag and sat right down and got to work.

She rode the bus home and did great.

How big does she look in this one?! Crazy town.
So far, she's loving it. She's made three friends in class, she loves to buy school lunch, and her favorite part of the day is riding the bus home with her best friend. I miss my little buddy, but I'm so happy for her.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

10 miles behind me and 10 thousand more to go

Birdie starts kindergarten tomorrow morning, so I'm a bit of an emotional wreck. She asked me the other day to not cry about it anymore (I cried after we took a tour of her school). I asked her if it was embarrassing, and she said: No. It makes me sad.
So, I told her I would be brave and wouldn't cry, but when she requested "Sweet Baby James" as her bed time song tonight, it was a test of wills to not cry. Today I found out a lovely friend of mine is pregnant with her first baby, and my other amazing friend delivered her fourth baby girl today, and I just couldn't help but think about them and how I would sing this to Birdie when she was a baby and we lived on the turnpike (from Stockbridge to Boston). 
Anyway, my darling girl, we are so proud of you. As much as it makes my heart ache to send you out into the great big world, that's my job. I'm so proud to be your momma, and I will cherish these five years of spending all of our hours together forever and ever. 
Photo credit: Jessica Knupp (one of my Shot by Momma students)

Also, I've never thought Birdie and I look alike. At all. But, (even though this looks exactly like Winston to me) when I came across this old photo the other day, I recognized this expression from Birdie. Maybe she's mine, after all.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

t minus 20 days

Miss Sassypants has 20 days left until she starts kindergarten. Ack! I won't be posting much until then, because I'm trying to soak up these final carefree, don't-wake-up-to-an-alarm, don't-have-to-pack-a-lunch, play and laugh and have fun all day days with my baby.