Tuesday, March 11, 2014

cry, cry again

Birdie has been asking for many months now to get her hair cut short. I've been pushing back, because she has such beautiful ringlets. They are the kind that won't come back once they're cut. Permanent. Yes, it's long and difficult to manage, but she's my curly-haired baby. I kept trying to talk her out of it. So, she finally asked David about two weeks ago if he could talk to me about cutting it and ask if I would make her an appointment. Poor kid, but smart.
The morning of her appointment, she said: Haha! Say goodbye to my curls, momma! 
She didn't have to rub it in. 
I'm having a very emotional time lately about her starting Kindergarten in August, and this is just another reminder that she's not my baby girl anymore. Wah!

I made her an appointment at Sweet and Sassy--a little girl salon. Yes, they have such foolishness in the South. But, I wanted to make it a big deal and make her feel pampered, so here she goes:

Voila. My grown up girl. Wah, again. Yes, I cried twice.
She loves it, by the way. I'm adjusting. :)