Friday, January 10, 2014

be our guest

Remember our master bath remodel from last summer? It was time to redecorate our guest bath, and we decided to do it ourselves. Here's a shot I found of the original builder-grade off-white color. Bleh. That's not a beer belly--I was preggers with Winston. I painted it a green color I was never really in love with, but I had a full gallon of paint that I didn't want to waste (long story related to the 17 different colors I have on the walls. Really. 17. I just counted).

My coffee cup is like my third child. Always with me.

So, I could tolerate the paint, but I really couldn't stand these tiles. David told me he would be able to take them out, so I researched what to put in their place and found some really cool photo tiles.

I picked a light blue similar to our living room color. However, once I put the spacer tiles in, I didn't like the colors together. I waited until we had the mortar and grout completely finished (not too shabby, I think), but I really didn't like it.
Clearly, we aren't planning on leaving this house anytime soon. Because unless we sold it to my mom, I can't imagine anyone wanting this in the shower.

So, I changed the color to a midnight blue, and I really love it. David did a fantastic job on the light fixtures, we framed the mirror, and got a new curtain. I'd eventually like to put in a glass door to showcase the pics, but I can't decide on how I want to do it.