Thursday, August 8, 2013

They say it's your birthday.

Happy birthday to our baby girl! Birdie turned 4 a couple of weeks ago. We had her party at "Pizza Planet," one of our favorite places to play. I came across this video last night as I was editing pics. In this video, she's the same age as Winston is now. It's hard to even remember her so little. I'm so proud of the little lady she's becoming, but this video sure makes me miss my baby.

Pre-party hugs with brother.

I know it looks like there are only 3 candles here, but there really are 4.

This is the reason we had our party here. You have to be 4 in order to ice skate here, so Birdie has been patiently waiting about a year to have her party here, just so she could ice skate. 

After the party, we came home and put all of the presents on the playroom table. She was just a little excited.