Friday, August 30, 2013

"I want the world. I want the whole world."

People, I rarely throw the word "spoiled" around. However, we might be approaching Veruca Salt territory.
The last time we went to Galveston was last-minute, so our favorite hotel/condo was booked. Instead, we stayed at The Galvez. Not too shabby. Please keep in mind this is a 4-star hotel. (Sidenote: I got a crazy-insane great deal on a room; otherwise, we certainly wouldn't have stayed there.)

Anyway, the kids and I had the bellhops carry our luggage, we went through the amazingly beautiful lobby, we checked out the gorgeous pool area, and we made it to our lovely room. Not kidding, Birdie looked around the room and said, "This is it?"

Oy. This girl.

What's funny is that when we walked up, Winston said, "It's a castle." 

We walked to Pleasure Pier to check it out, since we've never been on this end of the beach at night.
Wait for it....

Yep. Broken heart. We got there too late to ride.

Don't feel too bad for them. The spoiled ones and I went the next morning.