Friday, March 1, 2013

the big one

There's a line in Toy Story when Sid gets a rocket in the mail. The name of it is "The Big One"--he says it in a funny voice. I used to quote lines from Dumb and Dumber and SNL and the other non-G-rated things I used to get to watch. Now I quote lines from Disney movies. 

I also like to annoy Birdie by misquoting lines. The annoying part to her is that I think I'm funny and she does not concur. I'll say stuff like, "Candy, candy, candy. That's all she ever talks about." (Toy Story 2)
I recently changed the lyrics to the Alicia Keys song "This girl is on fire," to "This mom needs a shower." She didn't even smile when I belted it out. So those teenage years are gonna be fun....

Anyhow, I designed this alphabet art and ordered "the big one" for our playroom. Can't wait for it to get here. I'm probably the only mom who hangs up non-smiling, sass-a-frass-attitude pictures of her kids, but I love it. These two crack me up all day long.