Thursday, January 3, 2013

Merry Christmas, darling boy

Winston had such a fun Christmas morning. There were too many cute pics to choose just a few, so I thought I'd share everyone's Christmas individually. 
This might be the cutest kid ever. His eyes are such a pretty color. They're kind of light brown, and in the light, they look a little bit golden. In this picture, it even looks like he has a little bit of a cleft. He might be my kid, after all.

We go to the "princess store," (the Disney store) about once a week at the mall. Winston's favorite toys to look at are Lotso Huggin' Bear and Buzz Lightyear. He's very excited about both.

This one kind of cracks me up, because they have the same eyebrows arched.

He also got a set of trucks. He's at the age when he loves everything with wheels.

He sleeps with Lotso every night now.

He found an apple in his stocking. It's funny how an apple becomes so much more appetizing if it comes from a Christmas stocking.