Monday, December 17, 2012

Daddy's little helpers

My darling husband tells me that I'm a bit of a grinch. 
My name is Andrea, and I am a Christmas grinch...although I'd prefer to think of it as being simple and trying to live as stress-free as possible, while having lots of fun together. As in, why would I want to spend 137 hours putting up decorations just so I can take them back down again? I'd rather just go to the playground or sing carols and make hot chocolate.

So, we give the kids three gifts each to remember the gifts from The Wise Men, and we have birthday cake to celebrate Jesus's birthday. (Two good questions from B recently: "Does God sleep on the moon?" and "Where is Jesus?")
But, since my husband can't resist the tree, the ornaments, the candy canes, the stockings, the mistletoe, the lights outside, the lights inside, the mantle garland, and the wreath, I guess I'll do my part and take some pictures of my most precious babies with some twinkly lights.  

Cheer up, Birdie. If you're lucky, The Grinch might bring you a shirt for Christmas.