Tuesday, November 27, 2012

tick teat!

"Tick teat!" is how Winston says, "trick or treat," which he still practices once a day. He had the system pretty much figured out by the second house. I never thought I would be proud about trick-or-treating, but I was one proud momma watching how big he is and how he figured out what to do and how he followed behind our little gaggle of friends.
Meanwhile, y'all, I don't think you're aware that we have the real Cinderella here. The other day we were dancing and pretending to be at the ball, and I said, "Gong! Gong! Oh, no! You'd better hurry before the spell is broken and your carriage turns into a pumpkin!"
She looked at me totally deadpan and said, "No, I'm a real princess. That won't change." 
Well, pardon me, your highness.