Monday, November 26, 2012

It's hard out there for a boy.

My goodness, this boy and his nose. So, if you've seen any of my recent posts on Facebook, you've heard a little bit about the stories of the peas and spider up the nose. Today it was a piece of cheese. Always the same nostril. I'm sure this is a little embarrassing for future Winston, but I'd say it's payback for having to fish a spider booger out of his sinuses. 
So this picture is from a few weeks ago, when this monkey fell nose first into the sidewalk outside the sandbox at the playground. Poor thing. He even had little sand particle imprints on his forehead for a while. The scab is gone, but his nose is still red several weeks later. I'm hoping it won't scar, but if it does, here's the picture to go with it.