Sunday, May 6, 2012

the lost files

I just found a few pictures I didn't realize I had on an old memory stick. These are from last Halloween. 

I was so excited to make Birdie a costume, so I made her a new princess dress from my old prom dress. 
We talked it up for weeks. Daddy came home from work early. I got Winston down for the night.
And, of course, Birdie wasn't in the mood for wearing her new costume (did I mention I cut up my old prom dress to make her costume?) or trick-or-treating (do you know that her breakfast request every morning, without fail, no matter how many times she gets turned down, is candy?). 
So, she settled for passing out candy at the front door. That is, until our neighbor came over and scared her with a mask, and she high-tailed it to the couch for the rest of the night. Oh, well. Try again next year.