Thursday, September 15, 2011


 There is a cute little petting zoo called Old MacDonald's Farm in Humble that we went to this morning. We tried going to the "farmer" as B calls it last week, and they were unexpectedly closed, so she has been patiently waiting to go again. I knew it was going to be hot, so we got there right when it opened and stayed for almost 2 hours, and we were the only ones there.
The first shot of the morning. Look at this attitude. I dared to ask her to turn towards the camera. She's skipped the terrible 2's and has gone straight to teenager.

In case you were wondering how W was getting around...
Birdie's favorite animals of the day were these pygmy goats. They were SO cute. They kept tugging on my shoelaces, so Birdie would yell, "No, goats! You go eat your water!"

My happy boy. A little attention from Momma, and he's happy.

 There are three deer who wander around the property, and this one was following us for awhile. I guess she's used to the non-cheap people who buy the bags of food to feed to her. Anyway, I finally said something like, "Ok, little deer, that's too close." So Birdie turned around and said, "Hey, deer! Go back to your babies. They need you!" Love it.

She was impressed by the peacocks.

We went back to see the goats again before we left. So cute.

One more ride on Junior before we left. She loves to talk about going on pony rides. Can you believe how big she is? I didn't even have to walk beside her. We had such a fun time together. Of course it would have been better if Daddy had been with us, but we sure had a great time just the three of us. I think it's quite possible that I have the two best kids on the planet.