Tuesday, August 23, 2011

"Tea party with me."

My goodness. My to-do list always seems to get longer throughout the day, instead of shorter. There's always, always laundry in the dryer which needs to be folded. The playroom only gets really clean once a week. And our beds are never made. But, how in the world can I say no to this girl when she says, "Tea party with me, Momma"? Last night we made a big fort in the living room with blankets and sleeping bags. I thought I finally had her entertained for a few minutes so I could quickly clean up the dishes and get some laundry done. She ran into the kitchen and said, "Momma! Sleeping bag with me, please." So, instead of cleaning, we had some chocolate and read books in our sleeping bags. Way more fun.

This picture was us getting ready for our tea party the other day. Birdie got a sweet birthday gift in the mail from The Staggs, and we had to cover ourselves in the stickers before having our tea. It's the only way to do it!