Tuesday, August 30, 2011

tossin' and turnin' all night

These are a few pics from a typical morning for us. This is how Birdie's hair looks pretty much every morning from her non-stop gator rolls she does in bed. She's been like that since the womb.
So then we play with Winston in the jumper. She's so sweet with him. She'll say things like, "I wuv his widdle ears and his cute widdle nose."

After she "takes" a picture, she "looks" at it and usually says, "awww" or "got it!" Don't know where she learned that from.:)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

the kid

One great part about having a giganto baby is that he can already sit in a high chair. Ahhh. My back just breathed a sigh of relief.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

brother and sister

LOVING this golden morning light. And LOVING these kiddos.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

"Tea party with me."

My goodness. My to-do list always seems to get longer throughout the day, instead of shorter. There's always, always laundry in the dryer which needs to be folded. The playroom only gets really clean once a week. And our beds are never made. But, how in the world can I say no to this girl when she says, "Tea party with me, Momma"? Last night we made a big fort in the living room with blankets and sleeping bags. I thought I finally had her entertained for a few minutes so I could quickly clean up the dishes and get some laundry done. She ran into the kitchen and said, "Momma! Sleeping bag with me, please." So, instead of cleaning, we had some chocolate and read books in our sleeping bags. Way more fun.

This picture was us getting ready for our tea party the other day. Birdie got a sweet birthday gift in the mail from The Staggs, and we had to cover ourselves in the stickers before having our tea. It's the only way to do it!


Monday, August 22, 2011

It's my party...

We had a Minnie and Mickey Mouse theme for Birdie and Kaden's party with a Mickey pinata at the end.

These sweet boys are Birdie's cousins. They got to meet Winston on this visit.

Birdie is opening her present from Aunt B, Uncle T, and the boys. It was a dollhouse, which she loves. I bet you couldn't tell.

This was her big present from us. It's a hand-me-down swingset from one of David's co-workers/friend, but it's new to Birdie. She helped him set it up for several days before. She loves to help Daddy with his Daddy chores, and I bet she's better than most at naming tools. Do you know how to say, "multimeter?" She does!

the not-so-terrible twos

Oh, my sweet girl. It's not just an act--she really is this sweet.

Happy birthday, sweet Kaden!

Birdie almost slept through the whole party...for the second year in a row! We ended up having to wake her up so she could enjoy at least some of it. So, the girl who had practiced "Happy Birthday" a hundred times was a little out of it and needed some help with her candle.

Daddy and the birthday princess.

Happy birthday, my love!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

K and H

This is Birdie's good buddy, Kaden. They had their birthdays together (that's my next post), and Kaden is one of Birdie's favorite friends. His little brother is Hudson, who is doing his best to keep up with these two.
Little princess is being pushed around in the baby doll stroller.
Here's a cute pic of Hudson.

Sweet friends.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

weekend at Winston's

A little pool time...
A little tummy time...
Patiently posing for me. I still can't tell what color this boy's eyes are. There's still a little blue in there, but I think they'll end up being brown or green or somewhere in between.
What's a weekend without a Bacle family sing-a-long?

A little tutorial from Birdie on butterflies...

That one really melts my heart. :)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

aloha and mahalo

I love these super cute swim trunks that our friend Amber gave us. Unfortunately, this was pretty much just a photo op. I had to shimmy W into these like he was a college girl in denial about her freshman 15. We've since re-gifted these to a normal-sized child.

I love my happy boy. This was the most beach time he had all week.

This was our last day. So that's it. I sure had a blast. Hope you had fun, kids!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

my penultimate post

Hang in there, people. I've got one more HI post after this, and then we're moving on.
This is Jen's back patio. She has an amazing view and such beautiful trees surrounding the backyard. I spent a lot of time on the swing rocking my babies. Winston and I even took an early morning nap out there once.

Sweet little sailor. Hurry home, Uncle Leo!

Dear Winston, I hope you don't mind that I've covered you in flowers. But let's face it. This is better than Birdie's old pink and girlie bibs, burp cloths, and blankets I'm always putting you in (but never photographing). I really will try to spare you some photographic embarrassment through the years, but I gotta say, you still manage to look very dude-like covered in leis.

Birdie and Jen were napping the last afternoon, so Grandma and I had fun playing with W and trying to make him laugh. Making this boy giggle is my addiction.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Miss Hawaiian Tropic

Aunt B gave Birdie this adorable hula outfit when she and Uncle T went to Maui. When I knew I'd be taking the kids to Hawaii, my first thought was, "that plane ride is going to be ROUGH." My second thought was, "I have to get a picture of Birdie wearing that hula outfit with a palm tree." Success!
Here's Birdie's hula. She was being coached by a dancing granny beside me.

I didn't want to leave Winston out, so here's his Hawaiian flair.

Monday, August 8, 2011

more from the north

Beautiful Hawaiian mountains.

These ladies had tons of fun playing in the sand.

Aahh. Wet suit off. Clean dress on. She's a princess again.

go north, young man

We drove to the north shore to the beach at Bellows AFS one day. I have been to a lot of beaches and a lot of beautiful beaches. I'd have to say this is the prettiest one I've ever been to.

 I told you B goes to the beach for the snacks. Can you see me holding W in the reflection? That's how I took a lot of pictures on this trip.

This image is unedited, straight out of the camera. How could I possibly improve this beauty?

 Hey, there's my little dude!