Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010: year-in-review

So, for the first time in 11 years, we didn't send out Christmas cards. For starters, most people we'd send cards to check the blog, so I didn't have any new pictures to send out. But, we are saving our pennies to pay for the baby's birth and the many home projects we want to do, so we skipped out this year. Anyway, here's our year-in-review for 2010. It was an amazing year for our little family, and we feel so very blessed. We love you and miss those of you we don't get to see anymore. Happy 2011!

January--David drove the first car down to Texas; Birdie turned 6 months.
February--Birdie learned how to sit up.

March--Birdie and I finished packing up the house and headed to Texas. 

Hotel life for a month!

April--Birdie's first Easter with Louisiana family.

May--We've had lots of new visitors in our new Texas home. 
Here's Grandma and my former chunky baby.

June--Lots of beach trips. Okay, so she was never really chunky, but she's such a string bean now that these look funny to me.

July--1st birthday! And, as a wonderful present, we found out we were pregnant with #2 on Birdie's birthday!

August--Back to the beach! So far, not missing the Boston weather...

September--Getting ready for the baby! This is Birdie's "big girl" room. We've since painted it and done some decorating...more pics to come.

October--Pebbles! Also, I officially launched my photography business.

November--Getting ready for Birdie's second Christmas:

December--Christmas! Cousins, and grandparents, and presents, and great food. 
Birdie loved every minute of it.