Tuesday, December 14, 2010

signs, signs, everwhere there's signs

Birdie has been able to do some signs for communicating for a while. I think David thought it was a bit hokey when I first suggested doing it back at 6 months, but it definitely makes life easier when trying to understand what she wants. She can say most of these words now, but she usually just shows the sign and says the word at the same time. These are all the signs I can think of that she knows.

  • milk
  • drink--She made this one up by herself.
  • cracker
  • food
  • more
  • baby
  • all done
  • banana
  • book
  • nurse--By the way, it's been about a month and there have only been three days that she hasn't asked me to nurse. Don't think I haven't thought about how she'll react when the baby's here, although when she asks, I always tell her that she's a "big girl" and "only babies do that." She usually accepts that. But, good grief, give it up already, kid!
  • swings--She made this one up, too; it's pretty hilarious, and I plan to get it on video one of these days.

So anyway, the point of all this is to explain this picture. Birdie loves bows in her hair and always asks to have a bow in her hair, but she inevitably takes it out of her hair about 4 seconds after it's in there. So, the other day I put one in and showed her in a mirror, and she signed for "more." She kept saying "more" after I put each one in. Once she had them all in, I just had to take her picture. She is actually smiling in this picture, because the only way I can get her to smile for the camera is by asking, "Can you laugh?"