Monday, February 22, 2010

I'm finally convinced

If you're wondering why the background is so dark in this picture...that's because I took it at 4:45 am! Yes, a mere 15 minutes after Birdie woke up this morning. So, all of the books talk about the correlation between good napping and good night sleeping. Since she wakes up, oh, I don't know, 100 times a night, I was determined to get her sleeping better during the day to try and help both of us at night. I worked very hard and did everything I could to get her to sleep more during the day about 4 days ago. The next morning, she woke up for the 87th time (these are all estimates, of course; I usually lose count after the 50th time) at 4:30. After 45 minutes of no success, I thought maybe she was finally cutting a tooth and went to get something to give her. As soon as I turned on the lights, she smiled and was happy and ready to play. I thought it was a fluke, so I tried again yesterday, and she slept about 2 and half hours for naps yesterday, and boom--4:30 am wakeup. So, I'm finally convinced that she just doesn't need that much sleep. Alright, B, 90 minutes it is. I took this the other day when we were on our way out to run errands.
On our way to swim class this morning. My goodness, she is adorable. I could just eat her up. Finally, I was called "Andre-er" for the second time the other day. Time to go. Speaking of, I don't plan on posting for the next two weeks, because I'm busy packing. Although, she will be 7 months old this week, so maybe I'll sneak one in.