Thursday, December 24, 2009

VA trip

It's been 20 days since I've started working on her sleeping. On the day I started, she woke up 11 times at night and had to be rocked to sleep (with crying) for every nap, which were very random. So, we have made big improvements. She takes her first nap an hour after she gets up for the day, and then she takes a nap after every 2 hours of awake/play/eat time. She has taken a few random naps that have lasted longer than 30 minutes, but she is still averaging 30-minute naps. Although they are short, she is always super smiley and seems rested when she wakes, so I feel comfortable with them being so short. She occasionally protests when she knows I'm putting her down for a nap, but there is rarely any crying involved. She woke up only 5 times last night (with no crying), and when she does wake, she goes back down much easier. So, things are improving.

Now, why I haven't posted in so long: Birdie and I went to Virginia Beach! We stayed with my Aunt Jen and Uncle Leo while David went back to India. We tried chasing the warm weather, but it was very cold down there and even got a dusting of snow! Our return flight was cancelled because of the blizzard, so we got to spend an extra 2 days down there. We had a great time. Birdie is over any fear she had of strangers and was a crazy monkey on two of the flights trying to get the people beside us to hold her. I've trained her so well at going to sleep in a bed that she had a very hard time sleeping in my arms on the plane. She was still a very good girl and didn't cry at all--even when we pushed past her nap time. She is such a happy baby these days and sometimes giggles, smiles, and blows razzberries up until the last second before she falls asleep.
Here are a bunch of pictures from our trip. I had these grand ideas about cute pictures of Birdie in her Christmas dress on the beach. Well, she fell asleep about 30 seconds before we pulled into the parking lot, and it was freezing cold. So, this is as good as it gets!

This is Birdie's Christmas dress from Aunt B. It has the cutest little striped stockings. Hangin' with my cousin, Doug. He was a little apprehensive about holding her at first, because, well, he's a dude. Anyway, she must have been just too cute to resist, because he finally wanted to hold her. How did she react? Yep, she spit up all over him. Seriously. He had to change clothes. I got her a new jumper while we were there. I think she really loves the freedom to move in it.

I don't really think she looks like me, but I do in this picture. I feel like I've seen a baby picture of myself with this same expression. What do you think, Grandma? We dared going to the mall for lunch and to maybe sit on Santa's lap. The line was way too long, so we passed. This cute outfit is from the Hables, who also gave us the cute "Baby's 1st Christmas" bib.
She loves Uncle Leo. He rivals Stacy for being able to make her laugh.