Thursday, December 31, 2009


Here is our 2009. I've tried to find some cool pictures to post that you've probably never seen before. It's been quite a year, and we feel so truly blessed to have our little Bird. Thank you for the visits, gifts, cards, laughs, and prayers. We hope you all have a wonderful 2010!

January--In January, we heard the baby's heartbeat for the first time!
February--We had our 19-week ultrasound and saw Birdie's personality coming through already.
March--We went skiing in Vermont with several friends. I was too chicken to ski while pregnant, so I went snowshoeing instead.
April--David started another great season on baseball. I always love going to watch him play. He will have an itty-bitty fan this year!In April, we went to NYC twice to visit family and friends. Here we are in Central Park with our good friend Hillary.May--We went to Cape Cod for a long weekend for our "babymoon." It was just starting to get warm. I have to say that I really miss that big belly. June--We took some maternity photos together. I often wonder if we'll do this kind of stuff with baby #2. This was what I thought was our last date with just the two of us, (and now that I'm writing this, I guess this was technically in July). I was starting to cramp, and I was so sure I was about to start labor that I asked the waitress to change my order to go and to take our "last pregnancy picture." Got home and felt fine. Birdie didn't come for another 9 days. July--Birdie's birthday! I never got around to posting her birth story on here, so here's the quick version. I really, really didn't want to be induced, but I kept going later and later past my due date, so my doctor and I agreed I should be induced on the morning of the 27th at 7 am. On the night of the 26th, after a big spagetti dinner (I thought I should carb up for the next day), I didn't feel good and decided to go for a walk. I started walking down the street, and my water broke at 7:35 pm. I was so happy, because I knew that meant I could go naturally. I went in to take a shower and barely made it out. After only three contractions four minutes apart, they were then only two minutes apart, and I was in active labor. David got to be my hero and drove 80 mph to get us to the hospital in 10 minutes. After only a few hours of contractions and 20 minutes of pushing, Birdie August was born at 11:34 pm with no epidural or even Tylenol afterwards. Birdie's birth was, without question, the most amazing experience of my life. I wouldn't have changed a single thing about it, and I will never forget the moment when I first held her and she and I looked at each other. Amazing.

I love being a mommy.My goodness, look how tiny she used to be.What a wonderful daddy.August--We celebrated our 10-year wedding anniversary and renewed our vows. This was the second best thing that happened all year. September--This is kind of a random picture, but I think it's cool. Plus, I remember days when I would hold Birdie for a nap on the couch and I would watch the turkeys in our backyard.
Birdie met Big Daddy and Bebe for the first time in September. This onesie is from Italy, by the way. This girl has so many people who love her. She has gifts from Italy, Spain, Thailand, Germany, Amsterdam, and all over the US. I did a count the other day, and she has 11 handmade blankets that have been made for her!October--Here are two pictures of the beautiful fall leaves up here.
November--In November, Birdie and I celebrated Thanksgiving with family in Louisiana, and we all went to a beautiful wedding in Baltimore.
December--Birdie and I visited family in Virginia, and we've spent most of the month hanging with Daddy and enjoying his time off.

Birdie's first Christmas! I could just eat her up. I'm so in love with this picture.
Cooking with Momma.
Playing with Daddy.
Happy 2010! Love, The Bacle Family