Monday, November 23, 2009

weekend wedding

Birdie has now been on 3 big trips and has 11 flights under her belt, including one emergency landing which had us sitting on the tarmac for an hour. We went to Jennifer and Rick's wedding this weekend in Baltimore and had a blast.

Katherine, Jennifer, Dana, and Momma Bacle (We missed you, KK!)

Birdie's first babysitter! Aunt Jen and Uncle Leo were kind enough to babysit, so David and I could both go to the wedding and reception. Birdie did great, and I was even able to relax being away from her.
Our very first post-pregnancy date.

Look at this beautiful bride.

Here we are at the brunch the next morning showing Birdie off to the girls.

Smelling the beautiful roses on the way to the brunch.

Are these two the cutest, or what?