Saturday, October 31, 2009


Last year for Halloween, David dressed up as his best friend from work, and I was MG #6, an inside joke from the FF (4/5ths) SB2K8 trip to the BIB. Here’s a picture of us and a picture of the Harvard girls. The party was really a Fab 5 reunion weekend, and I was sure I was pregnant. I took a test the morning of the party, so I could tell my girls the exciting news that night. However, it was negative. The weekend was a blast, but I was so disappointed about not being pregnant.

On Wednesday of that week, I had the worst day ever at school. I came home, got into a hot bath, and proceeded to cry for 10 minutes—very unusual for me (that should have been a clue). Why was I letting those little darlings get to me? So, after finally finishing the worst week ever, I drove home Friday afternoon daydreaming of a bubble bath and a cocktail. Then, a little voice (perhaps a little birdie) told me, “Don’t drink anything….” I did a u-turn and drove back to the CVS by the school to get a pregnancy test.

I went home and took it right away. After the two-minute waiting period, it was negative. I told the voice, “See?” and I got my bath started. When I started cleaning up the trash, I glanced at the test again and saw the faintest, barely there, maybe-it’s-thinking-about-it pink line. What? Oh great. I’m the one in four women who can’t accurately read a pregnancy test. Now this was just annoying. I just had to be cheap and buy the store brand test. You’re not supposed to read the test after a period of time, so I figured that it had just been too long, and that’s why I was maybe, kinda sorta seeing a line. But, I had to make sure.

So I got back in the car and went to the grocery store and got the expensive, two-in-a-box test. Came home, took one. There was a real line. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh. Could it really be? I drank a ton of water and forced myself to wait a few hours and took another. Yes! It was straight out of a silly sitcom, but there they were. Three positive tests lined up on my counter. I didn’t jump up and down and cry the tears of joy I had daydreamed I would when I finally, finally saw a positive test. I just smiled in amazement and prayed and thanked God for our miracle baby.

It’s a long story about why I had to wait, but I was finally able to say the words “I’m pregnant!” to David at 11 pm that night; I think we stayed up all night talking about the future. Those few hours in between were very special to me. I had this most delicious secret all to myself, and I was so excited that our lives were about to change.

The next day, we drove to NYC and spent the day walking in the rain together, completely enamored with the idea that we were about to be parents. I didn't think we'd ever stop smiling.

Our baby has been in our lives for a year now, and it has been the best year of my life.