Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Despite being born to a woman who could sleep 12 hours a day, every day, my little one is not the biggest fan of sleeping. She's nowhere near sleeping through the night (the closest she's gotten have been 3 random 4-hour stretches), but she usually does well at night, getting up every 3 hours and then going back down easily--usually. Naps? That's the hard part. Every time I've tried to put her down for a nap, I've tried putting her down sleepy first, so she can start to learn to fall asleep on her own. What typically happens is that I end up having to get her to sleep in my arms and then putting her down, which has a 50/50 success rate of her staying asleep when I get her down, and then she gets over-tired and it's downhill from there. She usually takes four 30-minute naps a day. I gave up on the idea of "sleep when the baby sleeps" a long time ago. Anyway, for the 10th time in her life, she put herself to sleep for her morning nap! And, #9 was yesterday, so I'm hoping we've hit a breakthrough with napping. I'm a proud momma.

However, just to make sure I don't get too cocky and to remind me that she thinks she's still the boss, 2:30 am was pretty rough.